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Turtles need dark beaches! They can’t change their behaviour towards light so it’s up to us to help maximise nesting success and hatchling survival.

During the breeding season (mid-October to April) whether you are a resident, visitor or business, you can help cut the glow of lights affecting beaches in your local area.

From 7.30pm at nesting beaches:

  • switch off unnecessary lights
  • close your curtains and blinds
  • use motion sensor lights for external lights
  • position your lights so they face away from the beach
  • when camping, shade lights to reduce the illuminated area
  • only use a small torch (less than 3 volts) on the beach.

Cut the Glow to help Turtles Go!

Be Aware

It’s not just about the light

Everyone can make a difference and help protect our sea turtles

  • If you live near the ocean – plant vegetation to create a light barrier
  • Properly dispose of your rubbish and keep it out of our waterways and oceans.
  • Celebrate events without the use of helium balloon releases. Like plastic trash, balloons end up in the ocean, especially when released near the coast. Sea turtles mistakenly eat the balloons and die.
  • Protect beach vegetation that stabilizes sand and the natural coastline.
  • When boating, stay alert and avoid sea turtles. Propeller and collision impacts from boats and ships can result in injury and death of sea turtles.
  • Buy a keep cup and stop using disposable coffee cups
  • Say no to plastic bags
  • Make a donation to the Sea Turtle Alliance

Let’s all work together to help protect our sea turtles. We can all make a difference.

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