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Protecting our Sea Turtles

Turtles are magnificent animals of prehistoric origins and appearance. The endangered Loggerhead turtle and the vulnerable Flatback turtle and Green turtle emerge annually from the ocean to nest on Bundaberg beaches, especially in the world renowned turtle rookery at Mon Repos.

Sea Turtle Alliance is a volunteer based organisation dedicated to the protection of our sea turtles.  Incorporated in July 2015 the Sea Turtle Alliance Management Committee is comprised of  experienced guides and turtle researchers with  experience in turtle research culminating in a  total of  145 years.

The Sea Turtle Alliance has links to  community organisations and works closely with Queensland Parks and Wildlife, Bundaberg Regional Council and Department of Environment and Science. To date we have been active in lobbying for better lighting (and raising awareness of the impact) for our region, better signage and increased vegetation on our turtle nesting beaches.  We have also been active in providing planning feedback to Council to ensure that the preservation and conservation of the sea turtles are considered in future developments.

We are passionate about sea turtles and protecting them and dedicate our time to help ensure the ongoing survival of these magnificent sea creatures.

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Many hands make light work.  It is with the participation of members that we are able to make a difference and achieve our goals. New supporters are always welcome.

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Work with community organisations and all levels of government to protect, conserve, monitor and manage endangered marine turtles

Campaign to increase habitat protection on key beaches through increased vegetation to protect the dunes and provide appropriate shade.

To leverage against to secure additional funds from grants to ensure lighting in this region is appropriate minimising impact on our environment.




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We understand that not everyone can join.  but you can still help.  Our Cut the Glow Campaign educates people on how to “Cut the Glow to help Turtles Go!”  But remember, it’s not just about the light.  There are many more things we can do everyday to be turtle conscious.